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Smart YouTube TV APK is an open-source application offered by Yuriy Lyskov (an independent developer). The main use of Smart YouTube TV is to access YouTube on smart TVs or bigger screens such as TV because of its stability and performance. Right now, Smart YouTube TV APK is not getting new updates but it’s working well on many devices. If you have a Smart TV and you want to play YouTube on it, you can download the Smart YouTube TV APK. Check this article for more information about this APK.

Version 6.17.739

About Smart YouTube TV APK

As we know, Smart TVs or bigger-screen TVs have a higher resolution scale such as 4K or 1080P. For much larger displays, we really need a better stable YouTube app that can offer us a great video-watching experience. So, Smart YouTube TV APK comes here and works better than the original. Not only that but people can select various preferences such as the video quality and other settings including login into their Google Accounts without any issues. Another benefit of using Smart YouTube TV APK is that you don’t need to root your device either to use this app and it works 100% with remote play. Stay with us till the end to get all the info on Smart YouTube TV APK.

About Vanced APK File

Package NameSmart YouTube TV
Size22.3 MB
Developed ByYuriy Lyskov
Last Update1 day ago

Features of Smart YouTube TV

Smart YouTube TV APK is a modded version of YouTube specially designed for Smart TVs. So, it’s not supported by Google or original YouTube. Also, you can’t find this app on Google Play Store either but still, it is safe. Read the details of its feature to know more.

Customized YouTube Client

Smart YouTube TV APK is a customized YouTube client, it’s not sponsored by Google or original YouTube and currently. This app is just made for smart TVs because of better stability and performance. It’s developed by a third-party developer and also, and there are no new updates in this app.

Supports 4K

One of the best features of Smart YouTube TV APK is that it supports 4K resolution. So, if you have a Smart TV with 4K support, you can definitely download this App and install it on your Smart TV. 4K on SmartTube is a feature that allows users to watch videos in 4K resolution on their SmartTube app. This feature is available on select devices and requires a compatible 4K TV or monitor. With 4K on SmartTube, users can enjoy a higher level of detail and clarity when watching their favorite videos. The feature also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) for an even more immersive viewing experience.

Works Better on TV

Because of the stable version, Smart YouTube TV APK works better on Smart TVs and bigger screens. So, what do you say about it? Also, Smart YouTube TV is one of the best methods to watch YouTube on a Smart TV. SmartTube is an Android TV app that allows users to watch YouTube videos on their TV. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing users to quickly search for and watch videos. The app also supports voice search, allowing users to search for videos using their voice. Additionally, SmartTube allows users to create playlists of their favorite videos, and it also supports Chromecast, allowing users to stream videos from their phone or tablet to their TV.

Stable and Improvements

In 2023, the new updates are paused but still, Smart YouTube TV APK is more stable than the official YouTube and won’t upset you because of new updates. The base version of Smart YouTube TV APK is improved too.

Safe & No Root Required

Speaking of safety, Smart YouTube TV APK is completely safe. You can download it from our website and easily install it on your smartphone and smart TV. There is no root required to install this App.

Remote Play Support

How about accessing YouTube on your smart TV with your Android device? Yes, you can do it with remote play support.

Free To Use

In the era of paid apps & premium features, Smart YouTube TV APK is still free to use and everyone can use it. All the features are available for free in this app and there are no premium subscriptions as well.

Source Code Available (Open Source)

Are you a developer or do you love checking the source code of APKs? Well, how about I say Smart YouTube TV APK is open source and you can get its code from GitHub? Yes, the source code is available.

Login to Google Account Without Google Service

One of the main reasons you should download Smart YouTube TV APK is because when you install it on your Smart TV, there won’t be Google Services in it. It makes your app fast and secure. Also, you can log in to your Google Account without Google Service. It means you can access your liked video, history, playlists, and much more.

How To Install Smart YouTube TV APK?

You can install Smart YouTube TV APK easily on your Android smartphone or smart TV. All you have to do is to follow this guide.

For Android Smartphones: First, download the Smart YouTube TV APK on your phone and let it finish. Now, open settings and go to permissions and security. From there, you have to enable Unknown Source Installation. Once, you have enabled this setting, you can open the downloaded APK file of Smart YouTube TV and tap on the install button. The App will be installed successfully in seconds. You can also check the installation steps for installing Smart YouTube TV on Smart TV here. Check it out.

For Smart TVs: To install the Smart YouTube TV app on smart TVs. Follow this simple guide.

  1. Download this App from a computer or you can download it on your phone as well if you have an OTG cable and a pen drive.
  2. Once, you have downloaded it, it’s time to copy this APK file to a pen drive or SD card.
  3. Now, connect the pen drive to your Smart TV and open the file. It will be installed shortly on your Smart TV.
  4. Now, you can use Smart YouTube TV on your smart tv with remote play as well.
  5. Share this app with friends.

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

What is Smart YouTube TV?

Smart YouTube TV APK is a customized YouTube Client that supports Smart TVs and bigger screens for remote play.

Is Smart YouTube TV APK safe?

Yes, there is no need to root your device to install it.

How to update Smart YouTube TV APK?

You can’t update this APK file because there won’t be new updates.

Why Smart YouTube TV APK is not installed on TV?

Smart YouTube TV is not getting new updates now. So, if your Smart TV is not supported, it won’t install.

Does Smart YouTube TV support 4K?

Yes, Smart YouTube TV APK supports resolutions up to 4K. But it also requires a 4K Smart TV

Last Word by Author

Smart YouTube TV is a great application that is stable and best for accessing YouTube on Smart TV. Also, it supports old Android devices and works better. You can watch 4K videos and it’s free to use as well. So, what do you think of this app and Is it worth your time? If you love this app, you can give us a comment. Also, keep visiting for more content related to YouTube. Keep sharing this app with your friends & family.


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