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iTube APK v4.0.4 (Official) for Android Latest Version Download

iTube APK is an Android app that allows users to watch YouTube videos without ads. It also provides features such as background playback, video caching, and more.

Hey guys, welcome to this post about iTube APK. It is a YouTube Downloader app that is available only for Android devices. Speaking of its features, you can download YouTube Audio and videos and use many premium features. iTube APK is one of the best solutions to download Youtube videos and watch them offline without the internet. Read this article to know all the details available about iTube APK’s Latest Version.

Listening to your favorite music is fun but how about you listen to them without an internet connection? Sounds, great! But it’s only possible if you have an app that offers audio downloading but there isn’t any unless you pay for it. But for mobiles, we have this app known as iTube APK. You can download your favorite sounds with it for free and save them on your device. But make sure you have enough storage to keep those files as they can take up some space in your device storage.

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What do You need to Know About iTube APK?

If you are here to download iTube APK, it’s great news because we are just providing the latest version for free. Also, as we know YouTube is a big ocean of videos of every type including studying, entertaining, dancing, etc. But for accessing some premium features such as downloading videos, and background play, we need a Youtube Premium subscription, yet so many people can’t afford it. For such people, we offer you all iTube APK. It is a special application for Android OS as you can download videos-audios for free. Also, there are many features of this app that you can find in this article. Keep reading and stay with us till the end.

Get The Latest iTube APK for Android

Package NameiTube
Size13 MB
Developed ByiTube
Last UpdateAug 11, 2023

Explore Features of iTube APK

Features of iTube APK

We all love exploring the features of our favorite apps, so, in this section, you can find all the features of iTube APK. Check them out and read them to know them in detail.

Background Play Support

Background Play Support

One of the most famous features of Youtube is background play. But it’s not available for everyone, only users with paid subscriptions have access to it but iTube APK helps us to get this feature for free. Yes, in iTube APK, you can access the background play feature. It means you can play videos or audio on YouTube while doing other tasks such as using WhatsApp or Telegram. Do you love this feature? If yes, then comment below so we will know.

Download Videos-Audio

Download Videos & Audio

Another popular feature of iTube APK is “Downloading Videos-Audios From YouTube”. You can easily download any audio or video you see on YouTube with this iTube Android App. It means you can access them without the internet and anywhere without any connectivity. There is no need to worry about your mobile data anymore as we have iTube APK.

Ads-Free Video Entertainment


The most wanted feature of YouTube Premium is ads-free entertainment. With iTube APK, you can enjoy watching videos without any ads. Yes, for sure, iTube APK has no ads. You can play videos for hours & hours and you won’t be annoyed with those advertisements. You know this feature is only available if you have a YouTube Premium Subscription but not here on iTube APK.

Save Playlists

Save Playlist

Just like YouTube, you can save playlists on iTube APK. You can save your favorite videos in a playlist. You can create hundreds of playlists without any issues at all. So, what are you thinking? Try this feature now and let us know. The Save Playlists feature in iTube APK allows users to save their favorite playlists for easy access and playback. This feature is especially useful for those who like to listen to the same music over and over again. With this feature, users can easily access their favorite playlists without having to search for them every time. Additionally, users can also share their playlists with friends and family.

No Root Required

Rooting is harmful to Android mobile devices as it removes the warranty period. Well, there is no need to worry because iTube APK requires no root. There is no need to root your device to install this app on your devices.

No Premium Subscriptions

No Premium Subscription

Speaking of premium subscriptions, they are just available on YouTube but not here. No hidden fee either. iTube APK is absolutely free and available for all. You can download it from our website.

Great For Limited Mobile Data


People with no Wi-Fi connections have issues watching videos on Youtube and for people who listen to the same music again and again, big issue. Because watching videos takes a lot of data and not everyone has unlimited data. Hence, iTube APK is a great deal because you can download videos on it for free and access them anywhere and without the internet. Hence, it’s great for limited mobile data users.

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android

Yeah, why not? If you are new to installing Android apps, you need to know how to install them. Just follow these steps:

  • Download iTube APK from here.
  • Open File Manager and go to your downloads folder.
  • Now, open iTube APK and tap on the install button.
  • If the settings open and asks you to enable an unknown source installation, tap enable.
  • Now, the installation process will start and will take some seconds.
  • The installation is now completed and you can start iTube APK on your Android device.
  • Share this app with your friends too.

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

What is iTube APK?

iTube APK is a Youtube Mod that is famous for its premium features. It has an ads-free UI, background play, and download video support.

Is iTube APK safe to download?

Yes, it’s safe to download. There is no root required either to install this app on your mobile devices.

Why use iTube APK?

You can use iTube APK if you wish to play Youtube without ads and use features like background play.

How to update iTube APK?

You can update iTube APK from our website. You can easily download the latest version and install it.

Can I download videos on iTube APK?

Yes, it supports the downloading feature. You can watch the downloaded videos later without the internet data.

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Last Word by Author

iTube is a great application and one of the best YouTube Mods for downloading videos and audio. Also, it supports background play and many other premium features. Also, if you are looking for a Youtube player without ads, you can download it from our website. We offer the latest version and the working one. Also, keep visiting our website in near future.

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