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Hello guys. Are you getting interrupted by the ads on YouTube, but don’t want to buy the YouTube premium subscription? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Today, we are going to share the latest version of YouTube Vanced APK in which you can disable all kinds of ads such as home ads, video ads, banner ads, surveys, movie upsell, etc. Not only that, but you can also remove the comment section, video watermark, and sponsored & promotion part in videos. 

Version: 19.20.34

YouTube Vanced APK

Know About YouTube Vanced APK?

In this article, we have described all about YouTube Vanced and its features. Feel free to read all about it before deciding whether to download the app or not. If you are an existing user of YouTube Vanced and know all its great features, get the app using the download button right now. 

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube that allows users to watch YouTube videos without the interruption of any ads. It provides them with many features to modify the home screen interface as well as the video player layout as they see fit. They can add/remove the shorts tab, create button, cast button, video watermark, info cards, etc. 

Moreover, users can also change the video codec, quality setting style, mini-player style, search bar, and buffer settings like maximum buffer, buffer before playback starts, and rebuffer. Official YouTube settings are also available in it if you need them. With Vanced, you won’t need to worry about the ads at any step. All its features are completely free of cost and don’t require any premium subscription or registration. You can enjoy all its features for free. 

YouTube Vanced APK File Info:

App NameYouTube Vanced
APK Size94 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or Higher
Total Downloads10,000,000+
Last UpdateJune 01, 2024

Downloading the latest version of YouTube Vanced is so simple. Just tap on the Download YouTube Vanced button given in this post. It will take you to the download page. On the download page, you will see the Download button. Tap on it. It will start downloading the APK.

A Short Story of YouTube Vanced

Many users get annoyed by the ads when enjoying any video on YouTube. Everything was good till 2015 when you were able to skip ads without waiting. It got a little annoying in 2018 with the introduction of “Skip ads in 5 seconds”. But it was somewhat tolerable. However, it got most annoying in 2020 when YouTube removed the skip option for 6-15 seconds duration ads. And right after that, it introduced 2 back-to-back ads. It’s still most irritating for all users as they can’t avoid these ads. 

That’s where YouTube Vanced comes into play. Third-party developers developed the modified YouTube under the name Vanced. It provides many amazing features to users that allow them to disable ads, unnecessary tabs & sections, and sponsored parts in videos. Along with that, it supports swipe controls for video playback, old video quality style, dislike counts, tablet-style mini-player, and much more. 

Explore Features of YouTube Vanced

Explore Features of YouTube Vanced

Want to know about YouTube Vanced’s features in detail? Go ahead and read the following subsections. We have explained every feature in detail. 

No Ads

YouTube has many types of ads. Home screen ads, ads before video playback, ads between videos, merchandise, movie upsells, ad banners, movie shelves, and feed surveys. You face all of these ads on the different parts of YouTube. YouTube Vanced includes the Remove option for each of them. So, you can decide to remove all or only the selected ones as you see fit. 

PiP Mode

PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode plays the videos in a small floating window that always stays on top of the screen & other apps. You can change its position on the screen wherever you see fit. It allows you to watch videos while using other apps simultaneously. No need to pause the video just because you have to use any other app. Keep watching.

Background Play

PiP mode is a great feature. But sometimes, we just want to listen to the songs. YouTube Vanced 2023 supports background play. You can peacefully listen to your favorite songs while using other apps. You can also lock the screen and the song won’t be stopped. 

Old Video Quality Style

I prefer the old video quality style where YouTube used to show all resolution options for the playing video in the Quality settings. But now we need to go further to the advanced options to access resolution options. Most users find it unnecessary and also lengthy. In YouTube Vanced, you can switch the quality style back to the old video quality style which shows the quality in only resolutions.

Set Video Speed as Default

It gives you options to set the video playback speed from 0.25x to 2x as default. So, every time you play any video, it will play at the preset video speed automatically. This feature is very helpful when you usually watch guide or tutorial-related videos. 

Remove Unwanted Sections & Options

In this app, you can remove unwanted sections and options if you want. From the home screen interface, you can remove the Shorts section, Stories shelf, and Create button. And in the video interface, you can choose to remove the cast button, watermarks, info cards, and end-screen suggestions. Moreover, the comment section can also be removed. 

Swipe Controls Support

Swiping controls are so comfortable & easy to control the video playback. But YouTube doesn’t support them. However, YouTube Vanced comes with swipe control support. You can enable them to control brightness & volume using swipe actions. It also includes the Swipe Threshold and Swipes Padding options to have more control over swipe actions. 

The Swipe threshold is the number of pixels you need to swipe until the swipe is detected. And swipe padding is the number of pixels excluded from the top of the screen. These two options are useful to prevent unintentional swipes.

Need to Know About YouTube Vanced

It includes some more features that you may find useful. These features are as follows:

Whitelist Ads

If you have a family member or friend who has YouTube Channel and you want to support them, then you can add their channel to the whitelist. It will not block any ads on their videos. To add a channel to the whitelist, go to Settings > Vanced Settings > Video Ad Settings. Here, enable the Video Ad Whitelisting option. Then, open their channel and play any of their videos. Below the video player, you will see the Ads button. Just tap it to whitelist the channel. 

Return YouTube Dislike Counts (RYD)

Last year YouTube removed the public dislike counts. It was a good decision in favor of the channel owners. It reduced the dislike attacks which were totally driven by the counts, and not the content quality. But if you still want to see the dislike counts on videos, you can enable the Return YouTube Dislike Counts (RYD) option in this Vanced YouTube

Block Sponsor Segments in Videos

A video contains multiple segments such as sponsor segment, intro, outro, credits, interaction reminder to subscribe, self-promotion, preview, recap, filler tangent, and main content. We all have watched most of the creators reminding us to like, comment, subscribe, and share their channels. They promote brands & apps which have no relation to the main content of the video. 

In YouTube Vanced, you can enable the SponsorBlock feature that divides all videos into multiple segments based on the content type. It represents these segments with different colors. You can also customize these colors to your liking so that you will know what the current video segment is about. 

It saves your precious time as you can skip the part which doesn’t contain the main content of the video. In the SponsorBlock settings, you can also set predefined actions such as “Skip Automatically” or “Show a Skip Button” for each segment separately.

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android?

Installation Guide

Installing YouTube Vanced contains a few more steps than other APKs because YouTube is actually a split APK. And modifying it to develop YouTube Vanced also results in a Split APKs format. Now the issue is that the Android package installer does not support the installation of Split APKs and it needs an installer or manager that supports split APKs installation. But don’t worry. We also have a manager named Vanced Manager that will let you easily install YouTube Vanced. 

Here, we will share each step necessary to install YouTube Vanced on your Android device. Read and follow them one by one. 

  • First of all, download the Vanced Manager from here, install it, and then open it. 
  • In the Vanced Manager, you can select to install YouTube Vanced, YouTube Music Vanced, or both if you want. Tick mark their respective option and tap on the Right Arrow shown at the bottom right corner to proceed. 
  • Now, if you have a rooted device and want to use the advanced rooted features of YouTube Vance, then you can give root permissions to the app. If you have a non-rooted device, tap on the Right Arrow to proceed as shown in the image below. 
  • You will, now, see the Vanced MicroG and YouTube Vanced. 
  • First, install Vanced MicroG using the 🡇 download button shown alongside it. It works as an alternative framework to Google Play Services so that YouTube Vanced works appropriately. It is also required for singing in your Google account in YouTube Vanced. 
  • Then, tap on the 🡇 download button shown in front of YouTube Vanced. It will successfully install YouTube Vanced on your device. 
  • Done. Now you can open YouTube Vanced from your app drawer and use all its features. 

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

What is YouTube Vanced? 

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube developed by third-party developers. They added MOD features to remove ads, disable unnecessary sections, and have more control over videos & segments. 

Is YouTube Vanced safe to use?

Yes. It’s completely safe to install and use. You can also check its source code. Its code is available on GitHub.

Why do I need Vanced Manager to install YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a split APK and Android’s stock installer doesn’t support the split APK installation. That’s why you need Vanced Manager. 

Can I remove the comments section?

Yes. You can remove the comment section in YouTube Vanced. To do that, navigate to Settings > Vanced Settings > Ad Settings. Here, you will find the “Comments Removal” option. Turn it on and it will remove the comment section. 

Last Word by Author

YouTube Vanced is a great app for all users who don’t want to be interrupted by ads, don’t want to spend money on premium, or want a minimalistic YT only with necessary tabs. With its features, you can block all or certain types of ads. If you want to support your friends by watching ads on their channels, you can add their channel to the whitelist. Apart from that, it has options to customize the UI too. 

You can easily get the application using the APK Download button shown in this post. We have shared all the information about YouTube Vanced. If you have any queries, please feel free to use the comment section to ask us anything. We will reply to you ASAP. Thanks.


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