YouTube Red (Updated)

Hello, guys. Today we are here with the popular YouTube Red which allows you to enjoy YouTube without any ads & interruptions. Its latest version is 100% working and you will not face any issues with it. Many new features are also added to it such as tablet-style mini-player, swipe controls, custom layout settings, sponsor block, etc. 

Version: 19.20.34

YouTube Red APK is a free-to-use app for all users and lets them use all YouTube Premium features free of cost. They no longer have to buy premium subscriptions to enjoy their favorite songs, comedy shows, game streams, and anything available on YT. In this article, we have explained everything about YouTube Red and its features in detail. Go ahead and read it to know more about it.

About YouTube Red APK?

YouTube Red is the premium version of YouTube which provides all premium features such as background play and no ads to the users. But as this was replaced in 2018, third-party developers modified this app to make it working again. They also added many additional features too. Now users can enjoy YouTube without any ads for free.

It includes many YouTube Pro features such as Chromecast support, PiP mode, codec override, buffer settings, auto-repeat feature, hides comment section, and much more. You can personalize the app as you see fit. With this Red version, you can watch or listen to your favorite songs while using other apps.

A Short Story of YouTube Red

As you all know that YouTube Premium was formerly known as YouTube Red. It had no ads, lets you download videos, supported background playback, and all other features which are now available in the premium subscription. In 2018, YouTube changed its name from Red to Premium. Why? Because YouTube Red’s name wasn’t able to create the right image of the features included in its subscription plans. It didn’t give the right idea of what kind of features YT was providing. Whereas YouTube Premium truly succeeds in reflecting the amazing features of YT subscription services. That’s the whole story of YouTube Red.

About Red APK File

Package NameYouTube Red
Size99 MB
Developed ByVanced
Last UpdateJune 01, 2024

Explore Features of YouTube Red APK

In the following subsections, all the features of YouTube Red are explained. If you are eager to know more about them, go ahead and read them.

Explore Features of YouTube Red APK

100% Ad-free

YouTube has many types of ads like home screen ads, video ads, movie upsell, compact banners, surveys, etc. at various sections. Before watching a video, it shows an unskippable 15-seconds ad or 2 back-to-back ads. It ruins our good mood. But in this app, there are no ads. It lets you enjoy music, movies, or whatever you watching without any ads. You won’t be interrupted by any type of ads.

Play Video in PiP Mode

If you got other work to do on your mobile but still want to watch videos on YouTube, then be at peace. YT Red APK supports PiP mode which opens the playing video in a small floating window. It always stays at top of other apps. You can resize it and position it anywhere on the screen. With its help, you can keep watching YouTube videos while using other apps.

Listen to Your Favorite Songs & Podcasts in Background

For podcasts and songs, mostly it doesn’t important to watch their videos. You just need to listen to them to enjoy them, right? So, why not minimize YouTube when you can just play YouTube videos in the background and listen to their audio? You heard it right. It also supports background play. You can play videos in the background and use other apps. Additionally, you can also turn the screen off to save the mobile’s battery. The video will not be stopped playing.

Set Preferred Video Speed as Default

In this app, you can set the video speed from 0.25x to 2x as default. So, whenever you play any video, it will always play at the selected speed. It’s an excellent feature for those users who watch guides & tutorial videos.

Auto-Repeat Support

YouTube doesn’t have the auto-repeat feature. To play the video again, you have to tap on the replay button after it’s played completely. To remove this limitation, developers added an auto-repeat button in YT Red. You can use it to enable auto-repeat. With it enabled, the video will replay again automatically. You don’t have to do anything.

Customizable UI

It has a user-friendly and customizable interface. It gives you options to remove/hide various sections & tabs such as the comment section, Stories section, Shorts tab, Create button, etc. You can also switch between the search button and the wide search bar. Moreover, it has options to hide/remove the cast button, video watermark, and end-screen suggestions from the video player interface. To do that, navigate to Settings >> YT Pro Settings >> Layout Settings. Here, you can customize the interface as you like.

Something More About YouTube Red

Something More That You Need to Know About YouTube Red

Here are some more features that are no less than the premium features of YouTube.

Tablet-Styled Mini-Player

YouTube’s mini-player is just like a bar and you can’t watch anything in it while browsing YT. In Red, you can switch it to tablet-styles mini-player. That player’s size is equal to the PiP mode. You can keep watching the video in the tablet mini-player while searching or exploring other content on YT.

Supports Swipe Controls

Swiping up & down to control brightness & volume, and swiping left & right to seek the video is much easier than using the notification center & double-taps to control the video playback. Official YouTube doesn’t support swipe controls, but you can use them in this app. It also offers various settings such as swipe threshold and swipe padding to prevent accidental swiping actions.

Sponsor Block Support

The Sponsor Block feature provides multiple settings to users to control the various parts of a video. First, it offers a video segment setting. Enabling it will divide the videos into multiple segments. It assigns a different color for each segment type that has no actual content. In the SponsorBlock settings, for each segment type, you can choose whether to skip the segment automatically or show a skip button. So, whenever you watch a video and one of these segments are played, the player automatically will trigger the pre-selected action.

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to install YouTube Red APK. Here, we are going to share the step-by-step installation process. You just need to follow these steps to successfully install the APK on your device. 

  • First, use the YouTube Red APK Download button given in this post and download YouTube Red APK.
  • Then, open the File Manager, and go to the Download folder. If you used a custom download location, navigate to that folder where the APK is saved. 
  • Now, tap on the YouTube Red APK. 
  • If it’s the first time installing an APK from the File Manager, then a dialog box will pop up after tapping on the APK. It will ask to grant permission to the File Manager to install apps. 
  • Then, tap on the Settings button shown in the dialog box, and enable the “Allow from this source” option.
  • After that, another dialog box will pop up with the Install button.
  • Now, tap on the Install button. It will start installing the app on your device.
  • Just wait for a few seconds for its completion. Once done, open the app and browse YouTube all you want without any ad interruptions.

Some Useful question Asked By Users

Is it safe to install YouTube Red APK?

Yes. It’s completely safe to install. It has no virus or malware in its code and doesn’t require a rooted device. You can install it on rooted devices as well.

Does it support background & screen-off play?

Yes. It supports background and screen-off play. You can listen to songs or podcasts while using other apps and on the lock screen as well.

Can I watch videos while using another app?

Yes. YouTube Red comes with PiP mode that lets you watch videos on a floating window while using other apps. You can enable PiP mode in Settings >> General.

How can I remove the comment section?

To remove the comment section, navigate to Settings >> YT Pro Settings >> Ad Settings. Here, you will find the Comment Removal option. Enable it. It will remove the comment section.

Last Word by Author

YouTube has every type of video from entertainment to educational, cooking to comedy, and game to music. It’s full of watching content. It also has premium features but only for premium users that let them enjoy YouTube in an ad-free environment. YouTube Red APK allows you to enjoy those features without spending any money. 

It is full of amazing features in addition to the YT Premium features. It supports swipe controls to easily control video playback and its screen-off playback support allows you to save your mobile’s battery. You are getting much more in this app. Download YouTube Red now, and enjoy all its features now. Have a good day!


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