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People love PINK. It’s not just a color, it’s a feeling. To all pink lovers, we are here to offer you all YouTube Pink. Yeah, it’s Youtube but it’s pink. Does it make any sense to you all? Well, why people will download just a pink-themed Youtube? Yeah, that’s right and not only pink but the main thing here is that YouTube Pink APK offered awesome features. Stay with us till the end to know all the information about YouTube Pink APK and its features. Also, if you are here to download its latest version, you are good.

Version: 19.16.39

Know About YouTube Pink APK

Google LLC offers YouTube. It’s a huge sea of videos including almost everything. You can get tons of educational, funny, action, comedy, horror, and whatnot type of content. You name it, Youtube has it. What about YouTube Pink APK? Well, many people are upset about the advertisement shown on Youtube which is ridiculous. But you can remove ads with Youtube Premium, still, it is a paid service. Not all can have it but everyone can have YouTube Pink APK. Why? Because it is Youtube without ads.

About Vanced APK File

Package NameYouTube Pink
Size98 MB
Developed ByYouTube Pink Team
Last UpdateMay 10, 2024

Features of YouTube Pink

As we said, YouTube Pink APK is like the original Youtube but it’s ad-free and free. Read the following features of YouTube Pink and we hope you will love them. Also, keep reading this article to get all the details about its features and especially the installation guide.

Pink-Themed YouTube

Do you love pink? Want your Youtube UI to turn pink? Beautiful for your eyes? Right! If this is all you wanted and want. YouTube Pink is here for you. Install it and let the pink does it work. No ads, background play, PiP, Dark Mode, almost everything is available. You don’t believe it? Check out yourself.

A pink-themed YouTube channel could feature a variety of content. It could focus on beauty and fashion, with tutorials on how to apply makeup, style hair, and dress. It could also feature reviews of new beauty products and fashion trends. Additionally, it could include videos on home décor and DIY projects, such as painting walls, upcycling furniture, and organizing small spaces. It could also include lifestyle and wellness content, such as recipes for healthy snacks, yoga tutorials, and tips for living a balanced life. Finally, it could feature music videos, travel guides, and interviews with inspiring women.

Watch YouTube Without Ads

Ads are annoying, we all know that. But if we are on a smartphone, there is no way unless we buy the Youtube Premium plan. Because we can’t install extensions as we do on PC. So, modified APKs come to work here. YouTube Pink APK (A Modded YouTube App) has no ads. It gives you the true experience of Youtube but without ads.

Download Videos Offline

We use our mobile data when we are outside our homes where we can’t access WiFi. And the majority of people don’t even have WiFi. So, what if we love to watch a video on Youtube in Good Quality like 1080P What happens next? You will get a notification that your internet data is 50% remaining. It’s not funny and it’s practically proven. So, in that case, as our original Youtube won’t download files and save them offline, we can do that in YouTube Pink APK. Download videos offline and watch them anywhere without the internet. Even, we can save those videos in the device storage.

Dark Mode Support

YouTube Pink has dark mode support. It means, you can enable it from the App itself, there is no need to have an inbuilt Android feature. Like, many smartphones don’t have a dark mode feature. The dark mode is awesome for eyes in the nighttime.


It’s known as PiP in short. YouTube Pink APK has this feature. It means that you can do other tasks while watching videos or listening to songs. Picture-in-picture (PiP) is a feature of certain media players that allows users to watch one video while another video is playing in a smaller window within the same screen. The feature is designed to give users the ability to multitask while watching a video, allowing them to play a game, or browse the web while still being able to keep up with the video they are watching. PiP is typically found in modern media players such as YouTube and Netflix, and is available for both mobile and desktop devices.

Background Play Available

On YouTube, you can’t access the background play feature if you are using it for free. Only premium users can access this feature but not in YouTube Pink APK. Everyone can use this feature of background play in the YouTube Pink app. It means, playing music on Youtube and turning off the screen to save battery. The audio or video won’t stop and will continue to play in the background.

Adjust Brightness From UI

Have you ever used MX Player where you can adjust brightness from the interface? Well, that feature is amazing but isn’t available on the official Youtube. But YouTube Pink APK has it. There is no need to swipe down the notification center to change brightness. Simply, slide up and down on the video to increase or decrease brightness.

Auto-Repeat On

We can’t repeat songs on Youtube without tapping on the restart video but YouTube Pink APK has this amazing feature. You can turn it on in the settings menu. So, repeat your favorite songs or videos and let them run forever. Auto-Repeat is a feature that allows a device to automatically repeat a specific action over and over until told to stop. This feature is often found on remote controls, keyboards, and other input devices. It can be used to quickly enter multiple characters or commands without having to press the same key or button multiple times.

No Age Restrictions

There are 18+ videos on Youtube that require you to disable age restrictions. It is connected to your age on your Google Account. But on YouTube Pink APK, there are no such restrictions. No age restrictions means that any age group can participate in an activity or use a product, service or facility. This typically means that there are no specific age limits or requirements for participation. This can be an advantage because it allows people of all ages to enjoy activities or access services, products or facilities, regardless of their age.

Sleep Mode

In YouTube Pink APK, you can turn on the sleep mode from settings. So, when you are tired & sleepy, just double-tap on the screen to turn on sleep mode. It will automatically turn your display off and YouTube Pink will go to sleep. To put YouTube into Sleep Mode, open the YouTube app, tap on your profile picture at the top right corner, then tap on Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Sleep Time”. Set the time you want YouTube to go into Sleep Mode and save your changes. When the time you set arrives, YouTube will automatically switch to Sleep Mode.

Connect To TV

You can use YouTube Pink APK as a connector between your Mobile and TV. You can play videos on your TV then. There is no need for any other application to do that. Watching videos on TV will require high internet data, so make sure you have enough. To connect to YouTube on a TV, you need to first have a compatible device connected to your TV. This can be either a set-top box, a streaming device, a gaming console, or a smart TV. Once you have the compatible device connected to your TV, you can open the YouTube app and start watching videos.

Auto Play On

We get many video suggestions when we play any video on Youtube. It’s interesting to keep playing new videos whenever one ends. We can turn on this feature in YouTube Pink APK as well. Auto Play On is a great feature for music enthusiasts.

Limit Mobile Data Usage

YouTube Pink APK comes with an inbuilt mobile data usage feature. People can turn it on and set mobile data limits. It’s great to save mobile data in times of emergency. For example, if you get 1GB of data a day, you can limit the data usage to 500MB in YouTube Pink APK, so the rest 500MB can be used later throughout the day.

What’s New in YouTube Pink Latest Version?

YouTube Pink APK is being updated to the newest version and you can find all the updated features here:

  • The New Version of Youtube Pink is updated to v11.0.
  • Smooth scroll enabled now.
  • No more server issues.
  • A more Friendly user interface is updated.
  • Hundreds of New Themes for Youtube Pink.
  • No Ads in the UI Now.
  • PiP Mode is enabled now.
  • Known bugs and crashes fixed.

Requirements YouTube Pink

There is good news for people with lower Android version devices if they are here to download YouTube Pink APK. This modified Youtube APK requires just a little 2GB RAM device to work properly. Enjoy all the features and better privacy options. Download videos and save them in your device’s storage to access them anytime without internet data. Amazing, right?

Android Required: 4.4 or up
Storage: >100 MB

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android

YouTube Pink APK is a modified version of YouTube and you can not download it from Google Play Store. In that case, you only have one option, download YouTube Pink APK from verified sources and safe websites including Read the installation guide down below and follow the steps. Don’t worry, it’s so easy.

  1. Download YouTube Pink APK Latest Version from
  2. Once you have downloaded the APK file, it will store in the file manager.
  3. Once downloaded, you can scroll down the notification center and open the APK file from there but in case, you missed it. You can manually find and open it.
  4. You can search for file manager and go to downloads, there, you can find the YouTube Pink APK file.
  5. Open the file and enable unknown source installation. You can find these settings in the security>permissions>unknown source>enable.
  6. Now, install YouTube Pink APK and enjoy all the features.
  7. Don’t forget to share this app with your friends.

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

What is YouTube Pink APK?

YouTube Pink APK is one of the best & popular Mods of Youtube. It is free and offers an ad-free Youtube experience.

How to install YouTube Pink APK?

You can easily install YouTube Pink APK with our installation guide. Simply, download and enable unknown sources, and install the app.

YouTube Pink APK is safe to install?

There is no root required to install YouTube Pink APK. Also, no malware or viruses are in the APK. Hence, it’s safe.

Can I download videos with YouTube Pink APK?

Yes, downloading videos is one of the main features of YouTube Pink APK. Download any video from Youtube easily with this app.

What are the best features of YouTube Pink APK?

Some of the best features of YouTube Pink are Pink UI, Smooth Scroll, Download Support, and Background Play. There are many other features too.

Last Word by Author

Downloading ouTube Pink APK is an Android app that provides an ad-free experience for YouTube. It also provides features such as background playback, video caching, and more. is one of the best tech things if you want Youtube Premium for free. As Youtube is a great source for videos such as entertainment and educational. Almost everything is available on Youtube and getting its MOD is great. So, what do you think about YouTube Pink APK? Do you love its features of downloading, background play, PiP, and others? If you love its features, comment down below and let us know about YouTube Pink and its benefits.


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