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Hello, friends. Get ready to get the latest & modified version of the world’s best music streaming application named YouTube Music with all its premium features unlocked. You read it right. Today we are here with YouTube Music Vanced which allows you to listen to your favorite songs without any ad interruptions. 

Version: 7.05.52

YouTube Music is the best audio streaming app with its largest library of songs & podcasts. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, and other streaming apps are good, but their song library doesn’t hold a candle to YouTube Music. Regarding other features too, YouTube Music is better. But what’s the need for YouTube Music Vanced? We will read about all of that in this article including their features in detail. So, let’s get started.

What do You need to Know About YouTube Music Vanced APK?

About YouTube Music Vanced

YouTube Music Vanced APK is the modified version of YouTube Music that unlocks all premium features for free. You can play the songs in the background as well as on the lock screen. There will be no ads. You will be able to enjoy your favorite playlist without any distractions. It also supports the download feature so you can download songs and listen to them later offline. 

Developers added extra features in addition to the premium features such as zen mode, mini-player & navigation color customization, portrait mode, and hide category bar option. With all these features, YouTube Music is even better than before. And the best thing is you no longer have to spend your hard-earned money.

Get The Latest YouTube Music Vanced APK for Android

Package NameYouTube Music Vanced
Size58 MB
Developed ByNew team vanced
Last UpdateJune 20, 2024

A Short Story of YouTube Music Vanced

A Short Story of YouTube Music Vanced

There’s no doubt that YouTube Music is better than other music streaming apps. If we compare the number of ads in all top free music streaming apps, it has the fewer ads rate. Its music library is also bigger than others. The only drawback is that it offers background play in its premium subscription. That’s the only reason most smartphone users who can’t buy premium subscriptions switch to other apps. 

That’s why the Vanced Developer Team modified YouTube Music, removed all ads, enabled background play, and added the download feature so that all users can enjoy the endless music on their smartphones without any restrictions & interruptions.

Explore Features of YouTube Music Vanced

Explore Features of YouTube Music Vanced APK

In the following subsections, we have explained the most valuable features of YouTube Music Vanced. 

Enjoy Music without Ads Interruption 

Everyone wants to enjoy interruption-free music. No ads, no sponsor videos, no “Buy Music Premium to enjoy ad-free music” reminders. And YouTube Music Vanced fulfills this dream. Yes. All the ads are removed from this app. There will not be any kind of ads for interference between you and your music. 

Background Play Support

Background play and lock screen play is the basic features we look for in music streaming applications. YT Music has background play but in its premium subscription. So, if you open any other app, the music will be stopped. But don’t worry. In YT Music Vanced, you can play your favorite songs in the background and on the lock screen. It won’t charge you any money.

Download Songs & Listen Offline

It supports the download feature that allows you to download songs & playlists and then play them offline. The future is unpredictable. You never know when your internet connection will betray you. So, you can download your favorite songs & playlist and then listen to them whenever you want without an internet connection. 

Premium for Free

Background play, download feature, switch between audio & video, and no ads are premium features of YT Music. It costs you ₹99.00/month. However, all these premium features are unlocked for free in this Vanced version. Save your hard-earned money and enjoy all premium features free of cost. 

Permanent Repeat & Shuffle Toggle

In the official version, your repeat & shuffle setting goes back to the default repeat-off setting after closing the app. But in this vanced version, you can set your preferred repeat setting such as repeat-one, repeat-all, or repeat-off as a default. Likewise, you can enable the always shuffle option for playlists. So, you won’t have to change the repeat & shuffle preference every time you play music. 

Switch Songs between Audio & Video

This feature lets you switch between the audio and video of the playing song with a single tap. It’s beneficial as you don’t need to search for a song again for its audio or video version. Low on data? Switch to audio. Want to watch the song’s video? Switch to video. Cool & useful, right?

Something More About Music Vanced

Something More That You Need to Know About YouTube Music Vanced

Features described in the above section are premium & most useful features you get in the YT Music Vanced. Additionally, you are getting the following features to customize the app to your liking. 

Black Navigation Bar

In YT Music, the background color of the app is black with color code #000000 while the navigation bar is dark gray with the #292929 color code. If you want to match the navigation bar with the app’s UI background, then navigate to Settings >> Vanced Settings. There, you will see the option Black Navigation Bar. Turn it on. It will turn the navigation bar’s color to pure black. 

Match Player Color with Mini-player

When you play any song, the player’s color matches the current playing song’s thumbnail color. But when you minimize the player to mini-player to explore other sections of the app, the color of the mini-player turn back to the dark gray color. If you don’t want that, then you can enable the option “Match Player Color with Mini-Player” in the Vanced settings. The mini-player color will always be the same as the player’s color. 

Zen Mode

Zen mode applies a protective layer over the app that reduces the contrast & lightning effects to reduce the stress on your eyes. It’s a good feature if you use the app during the night. Zen Mode in YouTube Music is a feature that helps users relax and enjoy music without being distracted by the visuals and other content on the screen. It turns off all visuals and only allows music to be played. The user has the option to choose from different soundscapes such as rain, thunder, ocean, and forest. It also includes a timer so that users can set the amount of time they want to enjoy their music in Zen Mode.

Portrait Mode Support in fullscreen

YT Music doesn’t support playing the video in portrait mode when using fullscreen mode. The video always plays in landscape mode. But YouTube Music Vanced supports both, portrait and landscape, modes in fullscreen. You can enable this feature in Settings >> Vanced Settings >> Enable Portrait Mode.

Hide Category Bar

On the home screen, it has a category bar that shows various categories such as Relax, Workout, Energise, Focus, Commute, etc. to explore certain types of songs. It’s a quick way to find songs for the current mood. But if you want to remove the category bar, then you can do that too in the settings. It’s your choice.

Option to Enable Ads to Support Your Favorite Artist

It’s normal to support our favorite artists. And if the artist is your friend or family member, then it’s more of a reason to support them. In these cases, you can enable the option to show ads on their channels if they have monetized channels.

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android

Installing YT Music Vanced is so simple. All you have to do is follow the steps written below. 

  • First, download Vanced Manager from here and install it. You will need it because YT Music Vanced is a split APK ( installation not supported by Android Stock Installer) and it can install a split APK without any issue. 
  • Open Vanced Manager. It will show you multiple options. From them, select YouTube Music Vanced and tap on the button shown at the right bottom corner.
  • Here, you will see options to download & install YT Music Vanced and MicroG.
  • Now, first, download & install the MicroG using the 🡇 button shown in front of it. It is required to sign in to your Google account on YouTube Music Vanced. 
  • Likewise, install youtube Music Vanced using the 🡇 button. 
  • Done. It will successfully install YouTube Music Vanced on your device.

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

It is safe to install YouTube Music Vanced?

Yes. It’s completely safe to install YouTube Music Vanced on your device. It has no malware and its whole source code is available on GitHub. You can check the code as it’s open-source code. 

How can I check for its update?

You can either use the Vanced Manager or visit our website to check for its update. We keep our all posts up-to-date and provide the latest versions.

Can I download songs in YouTube Music Vanced for free?

Yes. You can download songs & playlists and then listen to them later offline. It will not cost anything. 

Last Word by Author

YouTube Music Vanced is a great app for all music lovers who want to enjoy music interruption-free. It offers all the premium features of YouTube Music such as background play, audio-video switch, download support, and no ads for free. They don’t have to spend money on premium subscriptions. Also, it provides the option to enable ads on their favorite artist’s monetized channels to support them. 

Moreover, they can also customize the mini-player, navigation bar & category bar as they see fit. It has all the features any music lover wants in a music streaming app. So, get the app now using the YouTube Music Vanced Download button and enjoy your favorite songs now.


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