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YouTube GO APK is an official application offered by Google LLC with which you can download videos on your device and store them offline. Yes, you heard right, it is an official app but as of the Year 2023, it’s not getting updates anymore. It’s because of so many complaints from video developers that people were downloading videos and posting them on their own channels, which was wrong. But still, if you are here looking for YouTube GO APK and wish to download it, you can. In this article, you can get all the important details and information about YouTube GO APK and its latest version. Keep reading this article to get more info.

Version 3.25.54

About YouTube GO APK?

YouTube GO APK: Listen, everyone wants to save their internet data if they are not on WiFi. As mobile data is costly and Youtube videos can easily squeeze their juice and finish them, it’s still a better option that we download videos and keep them on our device offline. So, we can watch those videos or songs anywhere and without internet connectivity. In this case, YouTube GO APK is a great option for Android devices. You can easily download videos with this app. Check out this table below to know all the package info and more.

Get The Latest YouTube GO APK for Android

Package NameYouTube Go
Size14 MB
Developed ByGoogle LLC
Last Update1 day ago

Explore Features of YouTube GO APK

Explore Features of YouTube GO APK

YouTube GO APK doesn’t have so many features but the most important feature if you are here for downloading YouTube videos easily on your Android smartphone. Check out these features down below.

Download Videos

The main feature of YouTube GO APK is “Downloading YouTube Videos”. You can download them easily by tapping on the save button. From there, you can select the quality in which you want to download the video. Well, downloading is fun and can help us save our mobile data. Whenever we download a video with YouTube GO APK, we can save it in the device storage and can access it anytime without the internet. Still, downloading videos from YouTube doesn’t mean we should upload them on our own channel, it is not allowed.

Offline Play

Saving a video or audio from Youtube with YouTube GO APK is a great thing and it can save us a lot of time when we love to hear the same music or watch same videos over and over again. It helps us saving the internet data in our device. It means we can play the audio-video in offline mode. There is no need to have the internet data at that time. Download your favorite videos and audio from Youtube with YouTube GO APK and enjoy them anywhere, anytime, and yes, no need of an internet connection.

Battery Saving

When we download videos instead of watching them on Youtube over & over again, it helps us saving device battery too. Because accessing YouTube requires internet and internet consumes a lot of battery power. But if we have already downloaded videos in the app and we can access them without the intetnet, it will help in battery saving.

4K Full HD Support

YouTube GO APK not supports only HD but also 4K. Yes, you can download videos in the highest quality possible. You can easily download YouTube’s 4K Full HD videos with YouTube GO APK and play them without the internet. Yes, YouTube Go supports 4K Full HD videos. The app also supports streaming of videos in 720p, 480p, and 360p resolutions.

Easy To Use

YouTube GO APK is simple and easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. The tabs are easy to understand and you can easily remember all the settings in the app. It’s no rocket science. The YouTube Go app is designed to be easy to use. It has a simple interface that allows users to quickly find and watch videos. It also has a variety of options to help users customize their experience, such as the ability to download videos, save favorite videos, and share videos with friends. The app also allows users to control the quality of the video they are watching, so that they can save on data usage.

No Root Required

Root is bad for device and so YouTube GO APK will never requires it. YouTube GO APK is a third-party application but still, there is no root required. It is safe and virus-free. No, root is not required for the YouTube Go app. It is a lightweight version of the YouTube app that can be used without root access. It is designed to be used in areas with limited or no internet connection, and it offers features such as offline playback and downloading videos for later viewing.

Share Via Bluetooth

Not a great feature but helpful sometimes when sharing small size of videos from Youtube. Like 2-4MB files can easily be shared via Bluetooth. YouTube GO APK supports sharing via Bluetooth. You can share small files with friends without any internet.

Dark Mode Supported

A new feature that is available in tons of new mobile apps is the Dark Mode. YouTube GO APK also has this feature. You can enable dark mode for a lovely experience. In night, dark mode is the best display mode for all the devices. To turn on Dark Mode for YouTube, open the YouTube mobile app. Then, go to the “Account” tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on the “Settings” option. Scroll down and select the “General” option. Lastly, toggle on the “Dark Theme” option.

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android

This is important to know that, YouTube GO APK is not available on Google Play Store right now as it was removed from the store because of many issues. So, how will you install it on your Android phones? Well, to know this, you must know the installation guide for YouTube GO APK. Check out these steps and thank us later.

Step 1: Download YouTube GO APK

So, the first step is simply downloading the app from Well, you should know that there are hundreds of sources from where you can get YouTube GO APK but we here, offer the safest version and no malware. Tap on the download button and YouTube GO APK will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Source Installation

Secondly, you have to enable unknown source installation because this app is a third-party app. It’s not on the Play Store and you are downloading it from our website. To your device, this is a third-party app and it requires unknown source authorization. Simply, enable it and you are all set.

Step 3: Complete the Installation

Now, the third step is easy. Just tap on the install button and wait for a moment. Hurray! YouTube GO APK is successfully installed on your device and you can now use it for downloading YouTube videos freely.

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

What is YouTube GO APK?

YouTube GO is a mobile application with which you can download Youtube videos and keep them offline.

Is YouTube GO APK safe?

Yes, YouTube GO is a safe application without any malware.

How to install YouTube GO APK?

You can install YouTube GO on your Android device with the help of our installation guide.

How can I update YouTube GO APK?

Sorry, but there are no new updates for YouTube GO APK.

Can I download HD Youtube videos with YouTube GO APK?

Yes, you can. It supports up to 4K.

What is an unknown source installation?

When you download apps outside Play Store, like, from the internet, you will need to enable unknown source installation to install those apps on your Android device.

Last Word by Author

YouTube GO APK is an amazing mobile application if you love downloading videos from Youtube and watching them in offline mode. We all know that not all people have access to WiFi and 80% of them have issues with mobile data. In that case, YouTube GO APK is really a great deal as we can download videos and store them on our devices. It can help us save data, save battery, and most importantly, save our mobile data. So, what you are waiting for? Download YouTube GO APK from here and let your friends know about it too. Have a good day and keep visiting for upcoming updates and new remarkable articles.


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