Tired of watching ads on YouTube and probably you don’t want to premium version as well. In that case, Youtube Vanced can help you. It is an open-source application for Android devices, free from any kind of malware and virus which your smartphone won’t ask for. So, it is safe to install as well. The advantage of Youtube Vanced is that it helps you watch Youtube without the boundaries of unlimited advertisements and sponsors. Features such as Ad-blocking, Sponsor block, Returned dislike button, etc. are the most popular in Youtube Vanced APK.

App NameYouTube Vanced
Apk Size99 MB
DeveloperTeam ReVanced
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or higher
Total Downloads10,000,000+
Last Update20 June, 2024

Vanced for Root MagiskModules

YouTube ReVanced (165 MB)

Black_Root_MagiskModules v19.16.39

ReVanced Magisk Extended (170 MB)

Dark_Root_Extended_MagiskModules.zip v19.21.40


zygisk-detach (2 MB)


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