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YouTube Vanced Black v18.35.36 APK (AMOLED) Latest

YouTube Vanced Black is a modified version of the YouTube app that offers additional features such as ad-blocking, background playback, and more.

Hello, guys. If you are looking for the YouTube Vanced Black version, then you have reached the right place. From here, you can download the latest version of the YouTube Vanced Black APK. It will allow you to watch YouTube videos with background play support and no ads. You will enjoy all YouTube Vanced features plus some additional features in this app version. 

Many users use YouTube Vanced as an alternative to YouTube to get rid of ads without spending any money. And we agree that it’s a good choice. But if you want a complete black AMOLED-like experience in the Vanced, then YouTube Vanced Black APK is the perfect fit for you. In this post, we are going to explain everything about this app and its features. Want to know more before downloading the app? Then read the post, fellas. 

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What do You need to Know About YouTube Vanced Black APK?

YouTube Vanced Black is another modified version of YouTube, just like YT Vanced. It has so much in similar to YT Vanced such as background play, screen-off play, PiP mode, no ads, etc. Additionally, it provides an extra theme - A black theme that lets them change the color of the app interface to true black with color code #000000. It also has a dark theme which is not black but gray color. 

Except for the interface color, you won’t find any difference between these two Vanced variants. It’s free of cost and lets you enjoy YouTube’s premium features for free. You can also block sponsor segments in videos which has no real content but advertising content. Moreover, it gives you the option to whitelist ads on your preferred channels to support your favorite artist. There’s much more to this app. 

Get The Latest YouTube Vanced Black APK for Android

Package NameYouTube Vanced (Black Edition)
Size126 MB
Developed ByVanced
Last UpdateAug 12, 2023

Features of YouTube Vanced Black APK

  • Ad-Free
  • True Black Theme
  • Floating Window & PiP Mode
  • Tablet-Styles Mini-Player
  • Background Play 
  • Screen-off Play
  • Auto-Skip Sponsor Video Segments
  • Customizable Interface
  • Supports Swipe Controls
  • Whitelist Channels for Ads
  • Switch to Old Video Quality Style
  • Return YouTube Dislike Counts

Explore Features of YouTube Vanced Black APK

YouTube Vanced Black Features

It makes sense to learn about the app before using it, right? Therefore, we have explained all features below. So, let’s read the features of this YT Vanced Black in detail before downloading & using it. 



Ads are the most annoying things in apps and games. And YouTube has taken it to another level by introducing two back-to-back ads. Buy premium or face the unskippable ads. For most of the users, these are not the choices they want. YouTube Vanced Black gives them the third choice of no ads for free. It’s the most reliable choice for those who can’t afford premium and still want to get rid of ads. With this app, they can watch YouTube without getting interrupted by ads. A beautiful feature, right?

True Black Theme

True Black Theme

YouTube and YouTube Vanced have only two themes - Light and Dark. But in this version, you are also getting a true black theme. It will give you a true AMOLED experience and will consume less battery power than YouTube. 

Floating Window & PiP Mode

Floating Window & PiP-Mode

It features PiP mode that opens the playing video in a floating window. This window always stays on top of other apps. It lets you use other apps while watching the video. Also, you can change the floating window’s position to anywhere on the screen according to your convenience. With it, you won’t have to stop the YT video to work on other apps. You can do both simultaneously. 

Tablet-Styles Mini-Player

Tablet-Styles Mini-Player

When you play any video on YouTube and then press the back button to browse the YouTube library & other tabs, the video player is minimized to mini-played and the video keeps on playing, right? But due to the bar-like size of the mini-player, you can’t watch the video except listen to its audio. 

YT Vanced Black APK offers a tablet-styled mini-player that opens the video in a small-sized player at the right bottom side of the app when you minimize the video. You can still watch the video in that tablet-styled mini-player while exploring YouTube. 

Background & Screen-Off Play

Background Screen-Off Play

Songs & podcasts’ main content is their audio. So, there’s not any need to watch their videos. So, you can play them in the background or lockscreen to enjoy music as well as save battery power. This app support background & screen-off play, and it’s a free feature. 

Auto-Skip Sponsor Video Segments

Auto-Skip Sponsor Video Segments

On YouTube, most videos have some part where the creator asks you to like, comment, share & subscribe to the channel. Many creators also advertise some products in their videos. These parts have no connection to the real content. Vanced Black includes a BlockSponsor feature that detects these video segments and lets you skip them. In BlockSponsor settings, you can also set these segments to the auto-skip settings. 

Customizable Interface

Easy-to-use Interface

YouTube has so many tabs, sections, and options in its interface. In the official version, you can remove them. But this MOD offers options to customize the interface as you like. You can remove Create button, stories section, comment section, shorts tab, movie shelf, etc. Also, you can remove the cast option & end-screen suggestions in the video player. It comes with three themes - white, dark, and black theme. You can use your preferred theme. 

Supports Swipe Controls

Supports Swipe Controls

Controlling the video playback using the swipe controls is so easy than tapping the screen & scrolling down the notification bar. You can control video timeline, volume, and brightness, all three by swiping on the video player. To seek forward or backward, just swipe horizontally on the screen. And to control the brightness & volume, swipe vertically on the left & right sides of the screen respectively. There’s no need to scroll down the notification bar to adjust brightness or press the side keys for the volume. 

Whitelist Channels for Ads

Whitelist Channels

If your friends or family members have an Adsense-approved YT channel and you want to support them, then you can whitelist their channels. Then it will not block the ads on their channels & videos. You can watch the ads that will support them.

A Short Story of YouTube Vanced Black

YouTube Vanced Black APK

The reason for adding the true black theme to YouTube Vanced Black is because the true black color gives a nearly similar experience to AMOLED screens. When the screen shows true black color, it simply means that the screen pixels are turned off to show true black color at the respective parts. It results in lower power consumption. Therefore, using YouTube Vanced Black will not drain battery power as much as it does when using YouTube or YouTube Vanced in a dark theme. 

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android

It’s not a problem if you don’t know how to install an APK. Many users don’t know that. And we are here to help you. To install YouTube Vanced Black APK on your device, you just need to follow the steps written below. 

  • First, Download YouTube Vanced Black APK using the given button in this post. 
  • Then, open the File Manager and navigate to the Download folder. If you use a custom download location, then navigate to that folder. And find the downloaded APK.
  • Now, tap on the APK. (It’s the first time installing an APK from the File Manager, then a window will pop up asking for granting permission to the manager to install applications. Then tap on Settings on that window and enable the “Allow from this Source” option). 
  • After that, the installation wizard window will open. Here, tap on the Install button. 
  • It will start installing the YouTube Vanced Black APK on your device. Wait for a few seconds for its completion.
  • Once done, open the app from the launcher and enjoy YouTube ad-free.

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

Are YouTube Vanced and YouTube Vanced Black APKs different?

Yes. These are two different applications with minor changes in the interface & theme. Except that, all features are the same. 

Is it safe to install Vanced Black APK?

Yes. It’s a malware-free APK and doesn’t contain any virus or trojan. It’s safe to install.

Do I need to root my device to install this APK?

No. You can install it just like any other APK without rooting your device. 

How to Get Latest YouTube Vanced Black APK?

Visit our website (vancedmanager.org) and open YouTube Vanced Black and tap on the download APK button.

Is YouTube Vanced Black APK Developed by Team Vanced?

Yes, YouTube Vanced Black is designed by Team Vanced and it’s offered by vancedmanager.org for free. You can access all the latest features here as well.

Is YouTube Vanced Black APK Still Working?

For your kind info, YouTube Vanced Black is safe and working right now. You can use it to watch videos on YouTube without ads.

What is YouTube Vanced Black Edition?

YouTube Vanced Black Edition is a completely unique app with its original AMOLED Black user interface. It makes it easy for our eyes to scroll through videos and watch them.

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Last Word by Author 

YouTube Vanced Black APK is a great application that let us enjoy YT’s premium features such as background play, no ads, etc. for free of cost. Its PiP mode & tablet-styled mini-player allows us to watch videos while using YT & other apps. Its player also supports swipe controls for easy playback control. 

Moreover, its true black theme consumes less battery power than other themes. So, you can watch videos longer than normal. In all ways, it’s an amazing MOD with useful features. Just use the YouTube Vanced Black Download button now and get the app now to enjoy all its features. And don’t forget to share it with your friends. Have a nice day and night!

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