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YouTube++ APK Download (Android/iOS) 2023 Latest

YouTube++ APK is an Android app that provides an ad-free experience for YouTube. It also provides features such as background playback, video caching, and more.

YouTube++ is an advanced version of the popular YouTube app with new features, such as background play, improved navigation, ad-blocking, and more. It is available as an APK (Android application package) for download on Android devices.

Have you heard the song “I Really Want to Stay at Your House” on YouTube? Well, it’s a beautiful song but it doesn’t feel nice when an ad starts between the music. Youtube is full of ads and we all know that there is not much we can do about it unless you are a youtube premium member but it’s not free. Still, I want to show you guys how can you watch Youtube without ads. There is this free app available on Android and iOS known as ”YouTube++”. You can use this app to block all ads and watch youtube without ads.

About YouTube++ APK?

There is a lot to know about YouTube++ APK. But the best thing you should know is that YouTube++ APK is free and anyone can use it on their Android or iOS devices. Along with the best ad-blocking feature, there are many other features too. Read this article to find out all the YouTube++ Features for Android and iOS. Also, in this article, you can find answers to many frequently asked questions about YouTube++.

A Short Story of YouTube++

There was a time when the best entertainment platform (YouTube) had a low number of ads. It showed fewer ads in comparison to this time. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to skip ads if you are a free youtube member. Even now, the length of youtube ads is increased and there are no ads skip options. This is bad for all the free users and those who need to watch videos for urgent work. Watching ads on youtube is annoying and sad.

If you read the above paragraph, you know what this article is about. “Youtube Ads Are Annoying.” There are many ways to skip ads on Youtube if you are a computer because there is a thing called “extensions” and many ad-blocking extensions are free to use in the case of Mobile devices such as Android or iOS, we have so fewer options. But there is one easy way to stop watching ads on Youtube and no need to use any extension. We have YouTube++ APK for Android and iOS.

Get The Latest YouTube++ APK for Android

Package NameYouTube++
Size126 MB
Developed ByGoogle LLC
Last UpdateAug 12, 2023

Explore Features of YouTube++ APK

  • Blocked Ads
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode
  • Background Play Support
  • YouTube Dislike Available
  • Inbuilt Web Browser
  • Choose Default Video Quality
  • Play Just Audio from Video
  • Beautiful Interface and White Keyboard

YouTube++ APK Features

Blocked Ads


Like the web browser ad-blocking extensions, YouTube++ has an inbuilt ad-blocking. It automatically blocks ads from all videos. Unlike Youtube Premium, YouTube++ is free to use and available for both iOS and Android users. There is no need to jailbreak or root your device either to use the blocked ads feature. Ads on YouTube Vanced can be blocked by enabling the “Block Ads” option in the settings. This will block all ads from appearing on YouTube videos. Additionally, you can also enable the “Block Pop-Ups” option to block any pop-up ads that may appear.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

PiP Mode

PiP Mode is enabled in YouTube++ and requires no money. You can enjoy doing other work on your smartphone while watching your favorite music, movies, and TV shows. Picture-in-Picture mode is a feature available in YouTube Vanced that allows you to watch videos in a small window while you do other tasks on your device. This feature is especially useful for multitasking, as it allows you to watch videos while browsing the web, playing games, or using other apps. To enable Picture-in-Picture mode, simply tap the PiP icon in the bottom right corner of the video player. You can then move and resize the window to your liking.

Background Play Support

Supports Background Play

The background play is completely different than the PiP Mode. In this mode, you can play Youtube videos in the background. Youtube premium offers it as a paid feature but in YouTube++ APK, you can get it for free. Yes, YouTube Vanced does support background play. This feature allows you to continue listening to music or watching videos while using other apps or when the screen is off.

YouTube Dislike Available

YouTube Dislike Button Available

We all loved the dislike button but it’s not available now in the official YouTube app or website. It is a very sad thing when people want to know how many dislikes this video got, they can’t find it. Not in the case of YouTube++, as YouTube++ has a dislike button. You can always find out the number of dislikes when you are using YouTube++. Yes, YouTube plus plus does have a dislike button. It is located in the same place as the like button, which is at the bottom of the video.

Inbuilt Web Browser

In-built Web Browser

YouTube++ has an inbuilt web browser so whenever you visit someone’s link, you won’t need a browser to open it. Like, so many videos offer website links, and you can instantly open them in the YouTube++ inbuilt web browser. YouTube does not have an inbuilt web browser. However, it does have a feature called YouTube TV, which allows users to watch live TV and on-demand content from a variety of networks.

Choose Default Video Quality

Choose Default Video Quality

I really don’t like the original YouTube application’s video quality controls. But in YouTube++, you can choose the default video quality by setting the quality from the settings. It’s great for people with WiFi or limited mobile internet. The video quality on YouTube depends on the video itself. YouTube offers a range of video qualities, from standard definition (SD) up to 8K. The available video quality options will vary depending on the video and the device you are using. To choose the video quality, open the video and click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player. From there, you can select the desired video quality.

Play Just Audio from Video


Many times we just want to listen to a song other than watching it. In that case, you can just play audio from any video. It will keep your device fast by saving the device’s RAM and CPU power. Also, you can listen to songs all day without worrying about internet data. No, YouTube Vanced does not support audio-only playback. It is an app that allows users to watch YouTube videos with additional features such as background playback, ad blocking, and more.

Beautiful Interface and White Keyboard

Beautiful Interface

YouTube++ has a beautiful interface along with a white keyboard. The theme is beautiful and gives you a great feel while exploring videos and reels. Whenever you will search with the inbuilt white keyboard, you are sure going to love this feature. The interface of YouTube is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It features a simple, clean design with a white background and a black navigation bar at the top. The navigation bar includes options for searching, browsing, and uploading videos. The main page also includes a list of recommended videos, as well as a list of trending videos. Additionally, users can access their subscriptions, playlists, and watch history from the navigation bar.

Something More That You Need to Know About YouTube++


Along with many brilliant features, there is something more about YouTube++ These are some extra features that come with this app. These are the following.

  • Download & Watch Videos Offline
  • Block Sponsors
  • No Age Restrictions
  • Auto Replay

Download & Watch Videos Offline: People love watching videos but what if their internet is down or they use all their mobile data? In that case, YouTube++ is the best modded Youtube app for you. You can download all the videos and watch them offline. You can also save the videos in your camera roll and there is no need to open Youtube to watch them. Same you can do it with audio too. Download your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want to.

Block Sponsors: Whenever we open Youtube, we find lots of sponsor videos. With YouTube++, you can disable or block sponsor posts or videos. So, there will be no more sponsor videos in your feed.

No Age Restrictions: Age restriction is a great feature for sensitive content. Youtube offers it but it is also a headache as you have to connect to your Gmail account to tell Youtube your age and watch age-restricted videos. In YouTube++, you can turn on No Age Restrictions for the future. Also, you don’t need to log in to your Google Account to use this feature.

Auto Replay: When watching videos, this feature plays its part. You can turn on Auto-replay to listen to songs or watch videos continuously. Youtube++ also has this feature and you can enjoy it for free. Keep reading this article further to check out the installation guide for Android and iOS.

Do You Need an Installation Guide for Android

We all need to know how to install YouTube++ APK on Android. It’s an easy step. Just follow the simple installation guide.

Step 1: Download YouTube++ APK from the given download button. Once you will click or tap on the button, a new page will open and from there you can download YouTube++ APK with one tap.

Step 2: After YouTube++ APK finishes downloading, you can close the website and go to your file manager. You will find the YouTube++ APK on your device storage.

Step 3: Now, the download is completed and all you have to do is to install the app. Now, open the YouTube++ APK and enable unknown source installation from the device’s settings. You can also manually enable “unknown source installation” from security> permissions> installation> unknown source.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete. Now, you can use YouTube++ APK on your android device.

How to Install YouTube++ on iOS?

YouTube++ is not only available on Android devices but you can also install it on your iOS or Apple device for free. There is no worry about rooting or jailbreaking your device because installing YouTube++ doesn’t require it. Well, the installation guide is simple and easy. You will need a PC and Cydia Impactor on it. From that software, you can install third-party apps such as YouTube++ on iOS. Follow this guide and watch the YouTube video for more info - https://youtu.be/WfLM109DudA

Some Useful Quation Asked By Users

What is YouTube++?

YouTube++ is one of the best Modified versions of YouTube. You can use this app to block all ads when watching videos.

Is there YouTube++ for iOS?

Yes, YouTube++ is available on iOS too. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy using this app.

YouTube++ is safe to install?

Yup, YouTube++ is completely safe to install. There is no root or jailbreak required to install it. However, installing it on iOS will require Cydia Impactor software.

How to update YouTube++ for Android and iOS?

It’s very easy to update YouTube++. Simply visit, vancedmanager.org and search YouTube++. From there, you can go to the download page and get APK or IPA file for free.

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Last Word by Author

In the last, I just want to tell you all that using YouTube++ on Android and iOS is fun. Watching Youtube with ads is so much annoying and using YouTube++ is one of the best solutions if you are on mobile devices. The answer to so many questions is this, “You can use YouTube++ if you can’t afford YouTube Premium.” This mod has many great features including the dislike button and PiP Mode. So, what do you say people? By the way, keep checking vancedmanager.org for more related articles and working Youtube Mods.

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