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Hello, friends. If you are fed up with getting interrupted by the ads on YouTube while watching music videos, game streaming, or news, then we have a great application for you. It’s called LibreTube APK and is free to use. With it, you can enjoy watching YouTube videos in a completely ad-free environment and also download & save the videos in the local storage to watch them without the internet anywhere & anytime you want. 

Version 0.21.1

What is LibreTube

LibreTube is a video streaming application and an alternative to YouTube. It doesn’t require any Google service, Google account, or YouTube account. It uses Pipep API to load & play videos and also provides 20 instances with different frontends & APIs. Moreover, You can add a custom instance frontend & API if you want to.

The main purpose of LibreTube is to provide an ad-free platform where users can watch videos without any interruptions. It also supports background and lock screen playback so they can use it as a music player. Where YT keeps track of your watching history, habits & preferences, LibreTube doesn’t pry eyes into your history or data.

LibreTube for Android

A Short Story of LibreTube

LibreTube APK is an Open Source & copylefted application licensed under GPL-3.0 license. It means you are free to use its source code, make changes to it, modify it, and distribute it for free or at a price to others. However, any app created using its source code will also be a copylefted application, and others, too, can modify those applications. You can get LibreTube source code at GitHub. 

LibreTube APK Info

Package NameLibreTube
Size11 MB
Developed ByXelXen
Last UpdateFeb 23, 2023

Explore the Features of LibreTube



YouTube ads are the most annoying things users face when watching their favorite videos & streams. They hate two back-to-back ads and 20-second unskippable ads the most. It wastes their precious time. But not anymore. LibreTube is an ad-free app and you will never be interrupted by any ad. You can enjoy your favorite YT content in a completely ad-free environment. 

Video Downloading

It also has a download feature that allows you to download YT videos to local storage. When you play any video, it shows a download button. Just tap it and it will show the options – video quality, audio quality, and subtitle (if available). Then, select your preferred quality, and the app will start downloading the video. Moreover, you can only download the audio file as well.


YouTube collects lots of your data like browsing data, liked preferences, etc., and stores your searches & history. It shows your taste & opinions and that’s how YT can show you videos that you may like. Whereas LibreTube is fully focused on your privacy. It doesn’t store your history of watched videos and searches. However, you can still enable the option to store the history on the local storage and set the maximum history size. 

Customizable Interface

Customizable Interface

It comes with a customizable interface. It shows three tabs by default – Home, Subscriptions, and Library. You can add two more tabs – Trends and Downloads, and arrange their order on the navigation bar. Also, you can set any preferred tab as the home screen. It also has the legacy subscriptions view, and alternative videos & player layouts. 

Apart from the interface customization, you are getting light, dark, pure white & pure black themes along with 8 accent colors such as Resting Red, Yeeting Yellow, Blissful Blue, Pleasurable Purple, Versatile Violet, etc. You can choose any theme and accent color you like to give an attractive look to the app. 


It’s an Open-Source application. If you have any doubts about the malware, spyware, or trojan in its code, then you can check its source code. Its source code is available on GitHub. You can download it for free from there. Moreover, you can modify its code if you want to as it’s also copylefted under a GPL-3.0 license.

On YouTube, creators add many unnecessary parts in their videos such as sponsoring any product; donations; reminders to like, comment & subscribe; intro & outro, filler tangent, etc. These segments serve no more purpose than a waste of time for most of the viewers. LibreTube comes with the Sponsor Block feature that marks these segments on the time bar and allows you to set it to automatically skip these segments or show a prompt before skipping them. It also works for music videos to skip the non-music part.

User-Friendly Player

User-Friendly Player

It comes with a user-friendly player that supports gesture & swipe controls. So, you can easily control the video playback. Just swipe vertically on the left & right side of the screen to adjust the brightness and volume respectively. Double-tap to rewind or forward the video. You can also set the seek duration from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.

Audio-Only Mode

When playing any song on YouTube, we only listen to the music and don’t watch the video. It wastes internet data. But LibreTube includes an “Audio-Only Mode” that lets you use this app as a music player. When enabled, it will only play the audio of the videos. It will save your internet data and you can enjoy your favorite songs. You can also lock the screen and the song will not stop.

Hide Watched Videos from Feed

YouTube often shows you the same videos that you have already watched. So, you have to scroll more to find new videos. In LibreTube, you can enable this feature to hide the watched videos from your feed. Then it will always show new videos in your feed and subscription tab.

Key Features of LibreTube

  • You can watch videos in all categories & genres for free.
  • It has no ads.
  • You can download videos in up to 4K resolution or download only audio. 
  • It supports background & PiP play. 
  • You can customize its interface.
  • You can play videos in audio-only mode and listen to your favorite songs on the lock screen.
  • It blocks all sponsor blocks from the video.

How to Import YouTube Subscriptions & Playlists to LibreTube

On YouTube, every user has subscriptions to their favorite channels and content creators to watch their videos. Every user creates playlists containing their favorite songs & videos. For them, switching from YouTube to any other video streaming platform may be difficult because of their subscriptions & playlists. But that will not be the case in LibreTube. You can import YouTube subscriptions & playlists to LibreTube so you won’t miss any of your favorite creator’s videos. 

Below, we have shared the step-by-step procedure to import YouTube subscriptions & playlists to LibreTube. Follow these steps one by one. 

Step 1: Export YouTube & YouTube Music Data into a ZIP File

  1. First, open Chrome browser and sign in with your Google account which you used in your YouTube. 
  2. Then go to site. Here, it will show all the applications/products of Google.
  3. From the list, select only YouTube and YouTube Music and tap on the “Next Step” button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Now, you can choose your preferred destination such as Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Gmail to transfer the YouTube & YouTube data from where you can download it. 
  5. Select the ZIP option in the File Type field. 
  6. After that, tap on the “Create Export” button. 
  7. It will start creating a ZIP file of all the YouTube & YouTube Music data. It will take some time to complete. Once done, you will get the mail of completion on Gmail.
  8. After that, you can download the ZIP file. 

Step 2: Extract the ZIP File and Copy Subscription.CSV & Playlist.CSV Files

  1. After the ZIP file is downloaded, go to the folder where it is located. 
  2. Then extract the ZIP file.
  3. Now, locate the Subscription.CSV and Playlists.CSV files from the extracted files.
  4. Copy & paste these two files at any location from where you can easily access them.

Step 3: Import CSV files from LibreTube

  1. Open the LibreTube app and go to “Settings >> Backup & Restore”.
  2. Now, tap on the Import Subscriptions option. 
  3. Then, navigate to the folder where the Subscription.csv file is located and select it.
  4. Done. It will import all the subscriptions to LibreTube. 
  5. Follow the same steps to import the playlists as well.

LibreTube Installation Guide for Android

If you’re installing an APK from outside the Play Store for the first time and don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. Installing the LibreTube APK is an easy task and will take only a minute. Just follow the steps written below one by one. 

  • First, Download LibreTube APK using the given download link in this post. 
  • Once the APK is downloaded, open the File Manager, and navigate to the Download folder. 
  • Locate the LibreTube APK in the folder and tap on it.
  • Now, a dialog box will appear on the screen with the warning “For your security, your phone currently isn’t allowed to install unknown apps from this source.”
  • You will see the Settings button below that warning. Tap on it.
  • Then, enable the “Allow from this source” option. 
  • After that, the installation wizard window will pop up with an Install button. Tap on that Install button. 
  • It will start installing the LibreTube APK on your device. Just wait for a few seconds for installation. 
  • Once done, open the app and enjoy.

FAQs About LibreTube

What is LibreTube APK?

LibreTube APK is a video streaming platform like YouTube where users can watch videos ranging from songs, games & podcasts to guides, news, sports, etc. for free without any ads.

Is LibreTube APK free to use?

Yes. LibreTube is a free-to-use application. It is also open-source, and licensed under GPL-3.0. It means anyone can use its source code and modify it however they want.

Is LibreTube APK legal?

Yes. LibreTube APK is a legal application licensed under the GPL-3.0 license. All users are free to use it and make changes to it if they like.

How does LibreTube APK work?

LibreTube uses the Piped API which is a YouTube client to load & play videos. It provides an ad-free & privacy-friendly experience to its users.

Is LibreTube APK available on all devices?

Currently, LibreTube is only available on Android devices. However, you can use it on the PC as well by using Android emulators.

Last Word by Author

Thanks for visiting. LibreTube is a great alternative to YouTube. It allows you to watch YT videos without any ads and download them to local storage. If you are concerned about Google collecting their data can switch to it as it doesn’t use any Google services or YT account. 

With its using the Piped proxy, you can watch YT videos even if YouTube is banned in their region. With its background & PiP playback support, you can listen to your favorite songs while using other applications. So, what do you think about this app? Isn’t it an amazing YT alternative? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Have a nice day. 


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